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Rochester Prep Charter Schools

Welcome to Rochester Prep, where education meets excellence! Our K-12 program is dedicated to empowering every scholar to not only reach but thrive through college. Here's why Rochester Prep is the key to unlocking your child's full potential: College-Bound Mission: We are committed to guiding each student on a journey that not only leads to college but ensures success throughout. Our mission is to inspire and equip future leaders. Advanced Placement (AP) Courses: Elevate your high school experience with over 16 AP courses, providing a challenging and enriching curriculum that prepares students for the demands of higher education. Partnership with RIT: Rochester Prep is proud to collaborate with the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), offering unique opportunities and resources to broaden academic horizons. Dedicated Academic Advisors: Every scholar at Rochester Prep is paired with a dedicated academic advisor. Personalized guidance ensures that each student receives the support they need to excel academically and personally. Technology for All: In our commitment to fostering a digital-ready environment, every student is provided with a Chromebook, enhancing the learning experience and preparing them for a tech-driven future. Enriching After-School Activities: From middle school onwards, students can explore their passions through a variety of after-school activities. Whether it's sports, mock trials, baking, social justice initiatives, or podcasting, there's something for everyone. Diverse Sports Offerings: With over 7 sports offerings, we encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. Our sports programs instill teamwork, discipline, and a sense of accomplishment. Beyond the Classroom: Rochester Prep goes beyond traditional education, offering unique programs like mock trials, baking, social justice, and podcasting. We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals with diverse interests. Join us at Rochester Prep, where the journey to success is paved with innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence. Your child's future begins here! Enroll today and watch them soar to new heights!
STEP Team, Choir, Brass Ensemble, Art, Student Government, Soccer, Fitness Club, and more!