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ReValue America is a free event centered on improving Self, Marriage, Family & Community, from the authors of A Thomas Jefferson Education.

America is a land in crisis. From a collapsing economy, over-the-top divorce rates and abysmal academic performance; to the disintegration of the family and near zero accountability in state and national government — America is facing a crisis like never before. In 30 years, do you see a bright future? Do you see more freedom, or less? More literacy or less? Parents are concerned about the future of their children. Business people are concerned about the economy and surviving more and more government regulations. Men and Women are struggling to keep their jobs with constant layoffs looming. Boomers starting to look at retirement are faced with a massive shift from what they had envisioned for their retirement years. Retired people with restricted incomes are worried about escalating costs and the economy. Americans are watching their freedoms erode at an alarming rate. The ReValue America Tour is a FREE lecture and is a beacon for personal growth by understanding our roots as a nation and learning about a path forward. Dr. Shannon Brooks presents the topics listed below in an entertaining and compelling way that is sure to uplift and inspire. ReValue America will cover: - The Five Founding American Ideals and How to be an American - Summary of the State of American Education - Solutions for a Nation in Crisis - The Moral Center of Families - 3 Steps to Reviving American Confidence - An Introduction to the Cycle of Freedom and How America Measures Up - Defining Education - An Introduction to A Thomas Jefferson Education: The Science of Building Americans - The 4 Phases of Learning - The Real Story of the American Founding - The Proper Role of Government - The 7 Keys of Great Teaching - The Rise of Social Leadership - The Secret Roles of Mothers and Fathers About the Speaker Dr. Shanon Brooks is the president of Face to Face with Greatness, Inc., which teaches the popular principles of A Thomas Jefferson Education. He is a former president of George Wythe University and a founder of the Center for Social Leadership. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in Education, and a Ph.D. in Constitutional Law.

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