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2013 List of Rochester Preschools

Dear KidsOutAndAbout readers:

Are you planning to have your children attend preschool in September? Or are you thinking about whether it's the best option for your family? Either way, this newsletter is for YOU! We provide not only options for where to start your search in our area, but also some tips for what to think about and what to look for as you start the process.

KidsOutAndAbout has a large list of preschools that have posted to our site; this list is linked on the left-hand side of every KidsOutAndAbout page, with a button under "Most Popular" called Preschools/Day Care/Toddler Care. We also have a list of upcoming open houses.

In this newsletter, first, we have some featured preschools. Then, we provide tips for helping you evaluate preschools when you visit, to see if they are right for you. And last, we have a list of preschools that have been recommended to us by parents in the area.

Explore Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten Options at AC

At Allendale Columbia School (nursery – grade 12), our philosophy is to respond to individual developmental needs with project-based learning and child-centered teaching. Our experienced faculty members know every child and as a result, they can provide relevant learning experiences within a responsive community. Our Pre-Primary School and faculty benefit from the resources and collegial relationships in our nursery through grade 12 setting. Additionally, “specials” classes begin in nursery with library, music, technology, art, and physical education, so students build relationships with a variety of specialist teachers. Come to Allendale Columbia School's Open House on January 30 at 9 a.m. Visit www.AllendaleColumbia.org/OpenHouse to register or contact Karyn Vella to schedule a personal tour at admissions@allendalecolumbia.org or 585.641.5344.



YMCA of Greater Rochester Preschool Programs (Ages 2-5)
The YMCA of Greater Rochester’s preschool programs seek to develop the whole child by fostering their physical, emotional and social growth. Activities are structured around our “learning through play” philosophy. Emphasis is placed on individual skill development and cooperative activities. Our enriched curriculum ensures that children remain engaged and challenged throughout the day. A developmental learning approach is combined with fun, values-based activities focused on preparing children for Kindergarten. For specific program details and locations, please visit rochesterymca.org/childcare.


The Nursery School at Asbury First – “Little Hands, Big Changes
 The Nursery School at Asbury First provides a nurturing, hands-on, differentiated learning environment where 3 and 4 year olds can learn, grow and make a difference. We combine cooperative creative play, imagination and problem-solving with fun hands-on activities that allow the children to practice and learn pre-academic skills. All the activities are tied together in a theme-based approach to learning and embedded in these themes are cooking lessons, field trips, science experiments, literature, music, large muscle play and service projects. Throughout the year, the children participate in three service projects as a way of teaching and experiencing outreach. These little hands are empowered to make big changes at the Nursery School at Asbury First United Methodist Church.

The Goddard School® encourages a child’s lifelong love of learning.  Whether gently holding an infant, encouraging toddlers to share, or providing preschoolers with enriching activities, caring teachers support the healthy development of children from six weeks to six-years-old, year round.  Developmental Guidelines form the basis of unique lesson plans that are brought to life in fun and imaginative ways in learning centers including music, dramatic play, creative art, science, computers, math, and writing.  Daily Activity Reports, a corporate Quality Assurance program, and accredited continuing education for teachers are just a few of the reasons Goddard is setting the standard in childcare.


Located in the Village of Pittsford, the Pittsford Nursery School  offers programs for children ages 2- 5 years old. Each class is staffed by a qualified teacher and full-time assistant. In addition, parents help out in the classroom on a periodic basis. Classes are offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 3 year olds, and Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 4 year olds. We now also offer a "Young K--Transition to Kindergarten" 5 day a week program for children not quite ready for kindergarten, as well as a morning program for 2 year olds. The school emphasizes learning through play. On-site babysitting is available for siblings and a variety of extra curricular activities are offered after school. Interested families should join us at our annual OPEN HOUSE, Sunday, January 13, 2013 from 2-4pm to meet the staff and tour our facility. Call 381-1390 for information or visit our website http://www.pittsfordnurseryschool.com



Teens-N-Tots Preschool in Fairport combines teenagers and toddlers learning together in a unique setting! High school students (juniors and seniors) enrolled in the Eastern Monroe Career Center’s Early Childhood Education program work with the preschoolers (ages 3-4) in a semi-structured setting under the supervision and guidance of their instructor. The 'teens' and 'tots' learn from each other in a unique and successful model. Child development is the primary focus at Teens-N-Tots, offering an active, positive and nurturing environment full of individualized, age appropriate activities. Parent participation is encouraged! This program is available for enrollment NOW for 3 days per week, 2 hours per day. For the remainder of the 2012-2013 academic year, it's only $85/month... the area's best-kept secret!


Gates Chili Cooperative Nursery School has all you are looking for in a preschool! Our school was founded in 1959 and is located in the Church of the Epiphany. We offer small class sizes, experienced teachers, and opportunities for parental involvement. We offer classes for 3/4 year old and Pre-K both mornings and afternoons. Our curriculum emphasizes social development and learning through play while ensuring Kindergarten preparedness for your child. Come explore our program! Join us for our open house on January 22, 2013 from 6:30pm-8:00pm



What kind of preschool best suits your child?

Those nice parenting articles always tell you to make sure you choose a preschool that best suits your child's personality--but then rarely provide any specifics on what will give you those clues. Children vary widely in their responses to different situations. Think about where your child falls on the following dimensions, and think about your own personal preferences for what a preschool experience should be like for your child. Then, when you visit preschools, ask the administrators (and observe yourself) about how well the school's philosophy matches your children's needs.

  • Playing and learning: Do these seem like separate times at the preschool, or are play and learning time integrated?


  • The setting: Is your goal to get your child used to a school setting, or is it important that the setting feel more like home?


  • Specific learning goals: Do you have academic milestones or religious needs that you would like met? Think about this before you set out, and refine your thoughts as you visit more schools.


  • Introverts and extroverts: If your child falls on one end of introvert-extrovert scale, it's important to realize this and see what would be expected of them at each preschool (especially important for the introverts).


  • Active play: Does the school provide resources for physically active play that match your child's needs?


  • Rest: Kids have different rhythms and requirements for rest. Think about what your child's specific needs are to ensure that they will be accommodated.


  • Structure: Some kids do better with lots of structure, while other families feel that they already have enough structure and prefer that a preschool ensure lots of time for unstructured play and interaction.


  • Discipline: What happens when kids misbehave at school? Does the school's philosophy match yours?


  • Safety: Safety is a big concern, especially in our area, especially this year. It's important to keep safety issues in perspective. Think carefully about your standards for keeping kids safe, and observe how the school meets your expectations.



Featured Preschools by Region


St. John Neumann School

East Side
Allendale Columbia School (Brighton)
The Harley School (Brighton)
Pittsford Nursery School (Pittsford)
YMCA - Southeast (Pittsford)
YMCA- Eastside (Penfield)
Webster Nursery School (Webster)
Pittsford United Nursery School (Pittsford)
Teens-N-Tots Preschool (Fairport)

West Side
YMCA- Northwest (Greece)
Circle Of Friends Preschool  (Hilton)
New Day Christian Preschool  (Greece)

Kango Academy (Henrietta)
PromiseLand Childcare (Rush)

There are lots more preschools that are on KidsOutAndAbout than can possibly fit into this newsletter! So go ahead and browse our list of 156 area preschools.

If your child attends (or attended) a great preschool that is not currently on our big preschool list (the easiest way to find out is to search in the big search bar on the top of every KidsOutAndAbout page), please email me back and we'll contact them immediately to see if they'd like to be on this list!


Debra Ross
Publisher, KidsOutAndAbout.com