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The Harley School

The Harley School
1981 Clover Street
Rochester, NY, 14618
United States
Phone: (585) 442-1770
Aimee Lewis
Independent school. Rooted in the progressive tradition, Harley offers an innovative and demanding program with a balanced emphasis on core academic disciplines, the arts, and project-based experiential learning for Nursery to Grade 12 students.

We're a community and together, we've been igniting children's curiosity for nearly 100 years: _BD15854.jpg

* Nursery to Grade 12. Nursery Program begins at age 3

* 7:1 Student to teacher ratio

* Students come from more than 30 school districts and 5 counties. Busing is available.

* 24% ethnic diversity in our student body.

* 100% of graduates go on to college.

* 36% of students receive financial aid. More than $2 million in financial aid awarded annually.

* Unique courses and clubs include local and international hospice volunteering, glass making, design thinking, microfarm organic gardening, gamelan, fencing, boat building, history and politics of food, robotics.

* 17 Advanced Placement courses offered annually.

* World language instruction begins in Nursery.

* The Commons, a "living building" will generate its own energy with students at the helm.

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