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Review of Personal Creations Treat Basket

by June Santini

By its very nature, Halloween is second only to Christmas as the most fun day of the year for kids. This demands that we ask: Do we really need more fun for kids on the sweet day to end all sweet days? Our answer: Oh, come on, don't be a damp white sheet! There's no such thing as too much fun on Halloween!

The Personal Creations Halloween LED Treat Bag will add fun to the night for both you and your child. Yes, you could just take a pillowcase or a plastic grocery bag, but with something this adorable available, why would you want to?

We received a Personal Creations Halloween Treat Bag in the mail personalized with my 1-year-old granddaughter Lily's name. It was perfectly-sized for her, and she loved it on first sight; so much so that we couldn't get her to slow down enough to take a good photo.

Because the bags are small, they are perfect for toddlers or preschoolers. There is enough room to manage some candy--the perfect amount for a child who goes up and down her home street, gathering just enough candy to come home with a satisfyingly full bag. But older children who are more ambitious will want to fill the bag and then dump it in a larger bag managed by the parent holding the flashlight down on the sidewalk.

Personal Creations Halloween Treat Bags come in several different designs, available with a tag embroidered with your child's name. Your child will love how the front lights up. You will love that this creates an extra layer of visibility for your child. The bag we received had a nice option: Her name is printed on a separate tag that can be easily removed (it's on a keychain-like chain) if my daughter does not want Lily to have her name visible while trick-or-treating.

The battery pack is located in the lining of the basket, right behind the front design. The battery is a little heavy and causes the bag to lean a bit towards the front, but when it is filled with candy, it will sit perfectly upright.

These bags retail for $34.99 and are available at also has other varieties of treat bags; I especially am drawn to the ones that look like candy corns. But we'll save that for when Lily eventually has a little brother or sister; it appears that this one will last her several years; I appreciate its sturdy construction.

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June Santini is VP of Operations, Kids Out And About.