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Places in Rochester, NY that make for great family photos

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By Honey DeLapa

When choosing a spot to photograph young children, it is best to find a place away from roads or anywhere that might be dangerous for a child to wander. You need some room for them to play without worrying about them. A spot that has personal meaning to you or where your child is comfortable will make the best portraits.

Avoid flashy clothes with patterns. Simple solids are better. Matching can work well, but you don't want to look like the whole family is wearing uniforms. Some colors, like yellow and red, emphasize the season. Click here for an entire article on what to wear in the various kinds of venues and lights.

The spot does not have to be large; the camera sees differently from our eyes, and needs a much narrower background than you think to make a beautiful photo. The image to the left, for example, was taken on some stairs in Highland Park near the Arboretum. I look for great lighting first, which means no direct sun--but not buried in the woods, either.


If photographing on the beach, very early morning (no more than two hours after sunrise) and late evening work best. In using the beach or water for a photograph, it is best to use that location last. A child will most likely get wet eventually and that is fine if done at the end of the session.

Most of the Rochester area's county parks are beautiful in the Fall when the colors are changing. The family above was photographed in Durand Eastman Park. Some ideas are:

    Mendon Ponds Park - Just about anywhere in the park. Places I have used are on either side of Hundred Acre Pond and at Devil’s Bathtub.

    Powder Mill Park - In Pittsford, off Route 96, near the Fish Hatchery

    Hamlin Beach Park - Hamlin Beach has just about everything: beautiful leaves, pathways, stone structures and of course, a beautiful beach.

    Durand Eastman Park - In Irondequoit, right at the lake. It has beautiful foliage in the fall. The beach there is also great for photographs.

    Maplewood Park - At the Rose Garden - They will be in bloom in September. There are also areas with foliage.
    Fall family
    Highland Park - Many areas where the leaves are make beautiful backgrounds.


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