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How to List Your Organization on

General Instructions for Posting Your Organization to KidsOutAndabout:

1) Get yourself a personal login account (upper right-hand corner of any KOA page or click here.) 2) From your new My Account page, click Add Organization. 3) Again from your new My Account page, post any events, class series, or camps. (Single-day classes or camps, or those that can be attended on one OR all days, should be posted as events.) 4) When we see your information on our admin desk, we'll approve it for viewing by the public or get back to you with questions.


Here is a 5-minute video that shows everything you need to know in order to post your organization to What you see below will only have to be done once. Then, any time you log in, you can simply post events and activities. Remember, it's free! And turn on the sound on your computer. (For additional visibility opportunities for paid advertising, click here.)