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How to List Your Organization on

General Instructions for Posting Your Organization to KidsOutAndabout:

1) Get yourself a personal login account (upper right-hand corner of any KOAA page or click here.)

2) From your new My Account page, click Add Organization. Complete all of the fields that are relevant to your business on all of the form's tabs.

  • Make sure that all of the relevant categories are checked on the Categories page so that you automatically appear on all relevant lists.
  • Don't skip the "Graphics" tab: Upload your logo and also a large square photo to make your listing vivid to our readers.
  • Do NOT put any date-specific information on this form! This is meant to be your general organization listing to which you'll return again and again from which to post events and activities to our calendars,

3) Wait a bit while our editors review your new listing. (It may be a few days if you submit on a weekend.) You will receive a note from our editor alerting you that your organization has been approved for public visibility and that you are now free to post to our calendars whenever you wish.

At that point...

4) Log back in to your My Account page. You'll see the following action buttons:

Use the ADD EVENT button to post events. Use the ADD CAMP button to post camps. Single-day classes or camps, or those that can be attended on one OR all days, should be posted as events. For class series, post the FIRST day of a class series to our events calendar (click only on the first day in the calendar, not on all days, unless you want walk-ins mid-session), naming it "First day of _____" to alert those searching our calendar that this is the first day of a class.

Here is a video that shows everything you need to know in order to post your organization to What you see below will only have to be done once. Then, any time you log in, you can simply post events and activities. Remember, it's free! And turn on the sound on your computer. (For additional visibility opportunities for paid advertising,