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Greater Greece Soccer League

Greater Greece Soccer League is a recreational house soccer league. Boys and Girls from Pre-K – 7th grade only play other GGSL teams and therefore do not have to travel outside the town of Greece. Boys and Girls from 8th grade to age 19 play their games in MURSL (Monroe United Recreational Soccer League) and travel to different fields in Monroe Country to play other local recreational leagues.

In all, there are seven (8) age groups, based on current grade at time of registration:  Starting Fall 2016

1. Tykes (Pre-K to Kindergarten) Co-Ed Program

2. Level 1 (1st Grade) Boys and Girls League

Boys and Girls League:

3. Level 2 (2nd Grade-3rd Grade)

4. Juniors (4th Grade-5th Grade)

5. Seniors (6th Grade-7th Grade)

6. Junior MURSL (8th Grade-10th Grade)

7. Senior MURSL (11th Grade-College).

8. Woman's League (20 years and older and Up).

There are no try-outs at GGSL, any player who lives in the town of Greece may join by registering and paying the registration fee (provided we have enough teams available). Historically, registration for the next season begins November 1st of every year. 

GGSL emphasizes making soccer fun for the players. Since the players have the most fun when they’re actually playing, GGSL requires that each player play at least 1/2 of each game. The coaches are encouraged to even out the playing time as much as possible. In particular, no player can play 4 quarters in a single game unless everyone on the team is playing at least 3 quarters.

All of the coaches in GGSL are volunteers. About 1/3 of our head coaches are new every year. Many of them have been assistant coaches in the past, but a few of our volunteers have had no previous experience coaching soccer. GGSL continues to try to find effective ways to train both our new coaches and our experienced house coaches so that the players playing in the league get the best possible soccer experience.

All of the members of the Board of Directors of GGSL are volunteers.  The number of people on the Board has continued to grow over the years as we have expanded the size and scope of our program. There were 18 Board of Directors positions authorized in the Greater Greece Soccer League By-Laws, Amended on February 23rd 2016 edition. It has been our policy to increase the size of the Board whenever the workload of the Board members has gotten too large for them to handle comfortably, or when we needed a new function performed. We feel that the more people we can actively involve in the operation of the GGSL, the stronger the League will become.


The Greece Girls Soccer League (GGSL) was established in 1972 to provide girls in the Town of Greece in the State of New York with opportunities to do the following:  Effective May 15th 2016, GGSL has amended it's corporation name to Greater Greece Soccer League, Inc.  GGSL is proud to introduce the Boys Divisions to our Recreational Soccer Program and:

  • Have fun!
  • Learn the skills necessary to play good soccer.
  • Develop physically and socially.
  • Learn to work as a member of a team toward a common goal.-