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From Zero to Minus 10 in Baby Steps! Step One: Replace Bad Habits with Good Ones


by Heather Katawazi

Becoming healthier is a goal that often seems completely overwhelming, because we usually start it when we have tipped the balance into poor health. As a community organization dedicated to whole-family health and an active lifestyle, the Rochester-area YMCA wants you to know not just that they support you in your goal to be healthy, but that they have all kinds of ideas and resources for you.

Of course, joining a Y is a great way to be part of a supportive community that strives for health. But there are a lot of other things regular people can do to start making progress toward these goals.

A great way that I have found is to start replacing bad habits with good habits. Now, I don't tackle this whole list at one time! I do one each week, replacing the bad habit on the left with the good habit on the right. Start by making your own list of bad habits, or use mine below. You will feel confident that you are on the right path, even with these easy steps, which will gradually help you become healthier, happier, and more energetic.

Bad Habit

Good Habit

Drinking pop

Drinking 8 glasses of water/day

Eating at night in bed (snacking)

Eating 5 fruits & veggies/day

Eating fast food

Walk for 30-60 minutes/day

Eating pasta

Eat protein with every meal

Eating white bread

Stop eating when no longer hungry

Eating carb- or sugar-laden sweets

Eat salads or soups for lunch

Eating fried foods

Have healthful snacks on hand

Self-indulgent thoughts

Have good mental strategies

Surfing the internet brainlessly

Go for a walk rather than eating when stressed

Watching reality TV


Plan my meals

© 2011, Heather Katawazi. Heather is the marketing director of the Rochester-area YMCA.