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KidsOutAndAbout Reviews Jungle Jolt Adventure Time in Webster, NY

by Helena Robin

Jungle Jolt is the newest indoor play center to hit the Rochester area. With an unusually serene atmosphere, unique activities, and super-hospitable owners. Read below for KidsOutAndAbout's review!

After not quite half a year in business,Jungle Jolt is creating its own identity. For the past several years, best friends and co-owners Andrea and Danielle have been on a journey which took Jungle Jolt from a dream to a reality starting when they became mothers.

Andrea and Danielle's envisioned a place where kids could be actively engaged in fun activities while their parents either played with them or were able to relax and chat with friends and still keep an eye on their children. They succeeded! Jungle Jolt is as relaxing and peaceful as an indoor play center can be. Children who are very young, as well as 'tweens with their younger siblings or who prefer their fun on the relaxed side, will enjoy a visit to Jungle Jolt.

What to Expect at Jungle Jolt:

Jungle Jolt space is squeaky clean and filled with natural light:  My family visited Jungle Jolt toward the end of the day, when I would expect an indoor play center to be a bit rough around the edges. However, I was really happy with just how clean everything was. In fact, during our time there, I watched as staff members went around sprucing things up and wiping things down. The space is designed to let in as much natural light as possible, which is considerable--the length of the facility is all windows! This feature may not seem newsworthy, but it really makes the space feel comfortable and welcoming.

The activities are creative and a bit unusual: The climbing structure is a variety of padded platforms, ramps, tube slides and ladders, and it is easy to find cozy spaces and nooks underneath the structure for playing. Sturdy cargo nets keep kids from falling, and the platform levels have different things for the kids to play with (mini punching bags, balls etc.)

One area under the play structure is dedicated to basketball. This enclosed section has a couple of low-ish hoops, balls and a padded floor.

There is also a fenced-in play area (Race Track Rink) with a padded floor used for things that move: scooters, hippity-hops, tricycles, and bubble cars to name a few. 

The Toddler Area is a designated area perfect for crawlers and toddlers filled with foam block shapes, mats and soft things to camber over.

An innovative and fun feature is Jungle Jolt's Laser Maze, an area where my kids spent a lot of time. Like the laser mazes we’ve all seen protecting valuables in Tom Cruise movies, Jungle Jolt’s Laser Maze has a network of lasers criss-crossing the room which guests are challenged to beat. The game has different difficulty settings and you are timed. There is a learning curve involved in the operation of the game, but during busier periods Jungle Jolt positions an attendant at the game to help out. Of course, if a staff member isn’t there, feel free to ask one of them for some help!

The other Jungle Jolt activity that I haven’t seen before is called Eyeplay. This is an interactive digital activity that uses a projector mounted in the ceiling to beam different games every 45 seconds. My kids, and all the others I witnessed, loved jumping and stomping and dashing around on the floor while activating different lights and silly sounds.  This is an activity you literally just jump right into!

Jungle Jolt's space is great for parents: I’ve mentioned all the natural light, but another thing I really loved was the fact that parents can relax at a table and still see almost every inch of the facility. Clear sightlines mean that you can help out when needed, scold your kids if they misbehave, take tons of pictures, and still have a conversation with another adult or enjoy a smoothie.  If it’s not a busy day, you can also bring your laptop or tablet and take advantage of the free wireless access.

The openness also makes it easy for a parent to participate in the playing without actually having to mount a hippity-hop or go down (and risk getting stuck in) one of the tube slides!  Danielle and Andrea have also converted a small space in the ladies rest room into a spot for nursing mothers. It was still being completed during our visit, but even in its not-quite-finished state, it offers some privacy for modest moms, and has altready been used by moms who needed to pump.

Jungle Jolt has some great food options too: I wasn’t surprised to see pizza (from the Pontillo’s in the same plaza in whichJungle Jolt is located), but I was shocked to see about a dozen different flavors of gelato (also sourced locally), delicious smoothies, frozen coffee drinks, freshly made salads and small snacks for the kiddos like cheese sticks and apple slices! Seriously: I would go to Jungle Jolt for the food alone.

The Bottom Line:

At first glance, you might assume that Jungle Jolt is strictly for younger kids.  But don’t be fooled!  Our experiences with other indoor play centers have us parents trained to think that kids will be best entertained in spaces which are big, loud, and (over) stimulating. Because it’s not any of these things, Jungle Jolt might seem to cater to a younger set, but many 'tweens will have a great time here as well.  Will an 11-year-old happily spend 6 hours here?  Probably not, but a couple of hours of playing and a great lunch can be expected.  The younger set will definitely be able to enjoy some quality time at Jungle Jolt.

Jungle Jolt has membership options, group discounts (called Play Dates), birthday party packages, and is a great place for moms groups to meet.

In short: The Robin family visitors (mom and two kids) give Jungle Jolt 5-and-a-half thumbs up!


Helena Robin President and CEO of the Robin family. She coordinates and executes all family operations including (but not limited to) communications, transportation, management, catering, maintenance, troubleshooting, and cultural development. Her Executive Team is composed of a Husband/Creator of Chaos and three unpaid interns.