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Eight Tips to Help Save You Money on Your Next Road Trip

Traveling for the holidays? Get the most out of your car with these simple tips.

1. Do a simple tune up

      Replace spark plugs, plug wires, oxygen sensors and replace dirty air filters -- your vehicle runs more efficiently with these improvements. Just replacing an old air filter can increase your gas mileage by 10%.

2. Pour in a fuel system treatment

This will remove power-stealing debris and deposits that contaminate your fuel system

3. Check your tire pressure

You can save 3% of gas when your tires are properly inflated to reduce tire friction on the road and maintain fuel efficiency.

4. Check your gas cap

A damaged, loose or missing gas cap can allow fuel to evaporate.

5. Avoid aggressive driving

Rapid acceleration, braking, and speeding can significantly reduce your gas mileage. Most vehicles get their best fuel economy between 55 and 60 mph. Going over 60 mph burns more gas. Take advantage of your cruise control also -- it helps you maintain a constant speed which helps save gas.

6. Remove excess weight from your vehicle

You lose 2% of gas for every 100 pounds in your car. Take this road trip as a chance to clean out the car, trunk, and remove unused roof or trunk racks that increase weight and wind resistance -- both decreasing gas mileage.

7. Find the cheapest gasoline

Check online or on your phone for gas price applications that will help you find the cheapest gas along your route. Gas prices can vary from as much as 20 cents from station to station.

8. Some credit cards give gas rebates

If you've been looking for a new credit card company and travel a lot also consider a card that gives you rebates for gas. Check out LowCards.com or CardRatings.com to compare credit card rebates.