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50 Ways To Love Your Summer

...While Leaving the Technology Inside!

Dreading the possibility of your kids sitting inside playing video games or watching TV all summer? Kick them out of the house! And when they say they don't know what to do, tell them...

Hop on your bike, Mike.
Roll down a hill, Jill.
Climb a tall tree, Lee...
And set yourself free!

Below are 50 ways your kids can love their summer, without technology, in the No-Zone-Out Zone: the great outdoors!

50 Ways to Love Your Summer

1. Eat watermelon in the sprinkler

2. Fly a kite

3. Swing on a rope

4. Paddle a canoe

5. Pedal your bike

6. Skate on a path

7. Play hopscotch

8. Build a fort

9. Capture a flag

10. Tug in a war

11. Hunt the "enemy" with water guns

12. Bat a baseball

13. Shoot a basketball

14. Whack a tetherball

15. Swim in a pool

16. Toss some water balloons

17. Wade in a creek

18. Splash in a sprayground

19. Fling a Frisbee

20. Play fetch with your dog

21. Climb some rocks

22. Climb a waterfall

23. Zip on a line

24. Play Flashlight Tag

25. Gaze at the stars


26. Roll down a hill

27. Hunt for butterflies

28. Hunt for fireflies

29. Play hide and seek

30. Climb a tree (a safe one, please!)

31. Pick berries

32. Jump on a jumping pillow

33. Explore a new hiking trail

34. Spy on some birds

35. Build a fairy house

36. Sail on a skateboard

37. Sail a badminton birdie over the net

38. Tap a croquet ball

39. Kick a soccer ball

40. Dodge a dodgeball

41. Set up a backyard tent

42. Wiggle a hula hoop

43. Jump a rope

44. Run a lemonade stand

45. Collect rocks & shells

46. Build a sandcastle

47. Run from the waves

48. Dig a garden

49. Mow the lawn

50. Stop to smell the flowers


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