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KidsOutAndAbout review of Da Vinci - The Genius at RMSC

by June Santini

Everyone has heard of Leonardo DaVinci. Most people know he was an artist and that he painted The Last Supper. We’ve probably all seen copies of his famous anatomical drawing. But what most people fail to understand is that DaVinci may have been the most inspired, creative, foresighted man who ever lived. The travelling exhibit at RMSC, DaVinci - The Genius, is a fascinating look into the mind of the original Renaissance Man.

The exhibit showcases full sized replicas of some of DaVinci’s most innovative designs. Flying machines of all sorts hover over the entrance, followed quickly by models of his war machines. His architectural models are also replicated here, along with over 200 other pieces.

The exhibit is capped off with interactive models that you can push, pull, and crank to gain a better understanding of the scientific principles behind them.

A separate room unveils the secrets of the Mona Lisa, which is an analysis of the iconic painting, conducted at the Louvre Museum by renowned scientific engineer, examiner and photographer of fine art, Pascal Cotte.

This exhibit would especially appeal to kids and adults ages 10 and up, It is a good idea to prepare kids ahead of time by looking online at some of DaVinci’s work and biographies

Da Vinci: The Genius is at the Rochester Museum & Science Center through May 17, 2015 in the Riedman Gallery

Admission to Da Vinci (includes regular museum admission):

$17 adults
$16 seniors and college students with ID
$15 ages 3 to 18
$2 RMSC members
$10 non-K-12 school groups

Free for children under 3

Monday–Saturday: 9am–5pm
Sunday: 11am–5pm

June Santini is Vice President of Operations at KidsOutandAbout.