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100 Things To Do With Kids During a Power Outage

by Helena Robin (and her kids)

Here are 100 things my kids came up with to help pass the time when the power goes out. "Lock your sister in a closet" and "decorate your brother with pretty colored sharpies while he's sleeping," were edited out for obvious reasons.

1. Read

2. Make up stories

3. Mad Libs

4. Write a book

5. Play dolls

6. Play school

7. Paint our toenails

8. Paint our Dad's toenails ;)

9. Make puppets


10. Have a "Bear Hunt"

11. Play cards

12. Read books out loud

13. Play hide and seek

14. Play Hucklebucklebeanstalk

15. Have a scavenger hunt

16. Hide something sweet and create a "treasure" map for the kids to solve

17. Learn Morse Code

18. Invent your own code

19. Paint family portraits

20. Build a house of cards


21. Learn the state capitals

22. Make the flags of the world out of construction paper

23. Rearrange your bedroom

24. Have an indoor camping trip - complete with tent!

25. Make a television out of a big box and put on shows

26. Make musical instruments out of stuff in your house

27. Learn some yoga poses

28. Make paper snowflakes

29. Take lots of pictures

30. Play balloon volleyball

32. Clean out your closets/dressers

33. Make up jokes

34. Play Tic-Tac-Toe

35. Look at old photos


36. Make a Family Tree

37. Plan a party

38. Have a puppet show

39. Play school

40. Make a paper chain

41. Make Gratitude lists

42. Play charades

43.  Invent a card game

44.  Learn a few magic tricks

45. Using stuff around your house, set up an indoor bowling lane

46. Play hangman

47. Make paper airplanes


48. Make a toothfairy pillow by hand

49.  Make holiday or birthday wrapping paper with stamps

50. Count all the loose change you can find

51. Speak only in pig latin

52. Thumb wrestle

53.  Put those music lessons to good use and put on a concert

54. Plan a vacation

55.  Learn about nautical flags

56.  Learn the parts of a sailboat

57.  Make jewelry

58.  Build a model car/plane

59. Play with your pets

60. Imaginary Wii/X-Box

61. Play dress up

62. Make pet toys

63. Teach your kids how to play black jack (what? It's good for math skills!)

64. Play the silent game

65. Have staring contests

66. Learn how to do yo-yo tricks

67. Make paper dolls 


68. Play superheroes

69. Build with legos

70. Check in on your neighbors

71. Make shadow puppets

72. Have a tea party

73. Play Simon Says

74. Write letters

75. Color

76. Use flashlights to create profile shadows that you can turn into Silhouettes

77. Talk with an accent

78. Write on the backs of photographs

79. Play store

80. Put on a play

81. Make a stuffed-animal zoo

82. Polish the silver

83. Sew buttons onto scrap fabric

84. Fix something around the house (squeaky hinges, loose cabinet knobs, add hooks)

85. Make your own Mad Libs

86. Do a puzzle

87. Use masking or packing tape to play hopscotch on the floor

88. Make beads out of rolled up paper

89. Make up poems and limericks

90. Match up your socks, ball them up, and have a sock fight

91. Make and decorate paper crowns

92.  Make carnival games from stuff around your house

93. Make your own dominoes and teach your kids how to play

94. Teach your kids how to play solitaire

95.  Make your own playing cards

96. Make your own Bingo game

97. Go on a "ghost hunt"

98.  Learn how to tie cool knots

99. Learn how to knit or crochet together

100. Begin each sentence with "I LOVE YOU!"


Helena Robin ...is President and CEO of the Robin family. She coordinates and executes all family operations including (but not limited to) communications, transportation, management, catering, maintenance, troubleshooting, and cultural development. Her Executive Team is composed of a Husband/Creator of Chaos and three unpaid interns.

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