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Jemz Girls Program

JEMZ is a program for pre-teen girls taught by Creator, Amy Colombo. The JEMZ 8-week class is offered as an extracurricular school/town activity or homeschool group. Amy also offers Mother Daughter AND Girl Scout Troop Workshops. To learn more about the Jemz Girl programs read below. To schedule an 8-week class or workshop contact Amy today. - - - - - - - - The JEMZ 8-Week Class Mission is to enrich the lives of girls in the 5th-8th grade. Building self-esteem while learning the importance of compassion, gratitude, having a positive attitude, working together and seeing the good in others is the JEMZ goal. The JEMZ program achieves this mission through relationship building games & activities, group discussion, journal writing and our six main character lessons. The JEMZ lessons are what makes our program so powerful & special! Each lesson impacts our students in a great way and will carry with them throughout their life.
Hands-on, Home Schooling