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Las Vegas with Kids: Vdara

By June Santini

People say Las Vegas is like Disneyland for grownups. While that seems to me to be generally true--that the majority of touristy activities in Vegas are intended for those 21 and older--kids and families can also have a good time together in Vegas.

Vdara: Family-Friendly Lodging in Vegas

Hotels in Vegas are relatively inexpensive, and most offer some kind of suite or adjoining rooms, which will serve you well while on your multi-generational vacation.

We stayed at Vdara, in City Center, and it was perfect. Vdara is a smoke-free, non-gaming hotel. All rooms have kitchenettes, a must when traveling with small children, and upgraded rooms also have washers and dryers.  (Random tip for traveling with babies and toddlers: Bring outlet covers with you--they are not exactly easy to come by on the Las Vegas Strip.)

The Market Café at Vdara offers high-quality, delicious food with enough variety that you’ll definitely be able to find something your kids will like. You can also walk to two hotels with gaming opportunities: Bellagio is right next door to Vdara, and you can get there via a covered walkway. Aria, another gaming hotel, is only about a hundred yards from Vdara. Meagan and Brian were able to go out and play at night while I

stayed in with the baby and I was able to sneak away conveniently right next door during the day when Lily napped or was otherwise occupied with her dad. (Being a ridiculously early riser, and Vegas being a 24 hour a day place, I also hit the casinos at a time when other revelers were just making their way back to their rooms for the, ah, night.)

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June Santini is Vice President of Operations at KidsOutandAbout. She lives in Honeoye Falls, NY with her husband, Steve, and two of their four children. She is adjusting to her half empty nest and comforting herself by taking her granddaughter to every cultural experience she can.




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Hotels in Vegas are relatively inexpensive, and most offer some kind of suite or adjoining rooms, which will serve you well while on your multi-generational vacation. kissmanga

Another gaming hotel, is only about a hundred yards from Vdara. Meagan and Brian were able to go out and play at night while.

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