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Rochester Family Newsletter February 23, 2012

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Giveaways page: Tickets to Sesame Street Live (Elmo's Super Heroes) tickets for Growing Up Brady at 2pm Sat; Rhythm Connect; Stokoe Farms, Burning Bush Gardens, Annie the Musical
Finger Lakes Travel Maven giveaway to the Rochester International Auto Show March 1-4
Special KOA discount code for Sesame Street Live (March 16-18)
Upcoming Open Houses for preschool, private school, classes
265 FREE upcoming events
All KidsOutAndAbout readers can print FREE tickets to Saturday's Rochester RazorSharks Game

Dear KOA readers:

Last week, I wrote about the need to allow our children to fail, and learn from failing, rather than simply endlessly assure them they're great. It generated more feedback from readers than this space has had in a while; clearly this has been on many parents' minds. Most readers agreed, but one cautioned that even though the ability to manage failure is indeed something everyone needs to learn, parents must still protect their kids from letting failure become a habit. Her point was that the experience of success is still critical: If a child comes to think of himself as endlessly failing, then this embeds itself in his self-concept and handicaps him for life. POINT WELL TAKEN! Parenting is an endless balancing act, isn't it: the structuring of our children's experiences so that they can, step by step, become masters of their own destiny, both experiencing success and stretching themselves enough that they occasionally fail. (And we do this all while, if possible, maintaining a sense of humor.) Whoever thinks it's possible to parent mindlessly is in for a rude awakening, no?

2) Speaking of helping kids succeed, it's that point in the school year when a child's interest in the musical instrument she has chosen can start to wear a little thin. What do you do when your child doesn't think that trumpet or violin is quite as cool as it used to be, and practicing becomes a struggle? Check out our (timeless) article by Cherylann Bellavia, What To Do When Your Child Doesn't Want To Practice. If you have your own suggestions, email them to me and I'll see if I can add them in a comments section at the end of the article.

3) Congratulations to Jerice Crouch, the Rochester RazorSharks basketball player who, for the second year in a row, was voted Rochester-area kids' favorite player at Kids Day at the Rochester RazorSharks game on Monday evening. Jerice is a great guy... click here to read all about it. We polled hundreds of kids in our survey; a huge crowd watched the Sharks beat the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Steamers 106-97. If I'm not mistaken, they only have one loss this year.

4) FREE TICKETS!! And remember, KidsOutAndAbout readers can get FREE TICKETS to every single Rochester RazorSharks game this season. All of the vouchers for the regular season have been loaded, so click here to print vouchers for this Saturday's afternoon game at the Blue Cross Arena, and for the rest of the season too!

5) Winter Break isn't over! We still have lots of FREE stuff to do in greater Rochester:

What's FREE on Thursday?

What's FREE on Friday?

What's FREE on Saturday?

6a) AND Kids and Teens get in FREE to the Memorial Art Gallery through Sunday when accompanied by an adult!

6b) Tonight, kids 12 and under get in FREE to the Rochester Lancers indoor pro soccer game at the Blue Cross Arena. The pre-game family party starts at 5:30, and the game starts at 7pm. Click here for details.

7) Sesame Street Live: Elmo's Heroes is coming to the Auditorium Theatre March 16-18. Singing and dancing their way through fun lessons on healthy habits, Elmo and the Sesame Street gang discover how exercise, rest, nutritious food, and good hygiene can save Super Grover. WE HAVE A GIVEAWAY FOR FOUR TICKETS...Enter now. In addition, all KidsOutAndAbout readers can get $3 off any ticket they purchase by using a special code that the Rochester Broadway Theatre League so kindly secured for us! Click on this link to find that special KidsOutAndAbout discount code.

8) Then head over to the giveaways page. We've got lots cooking! First, a giveaway to Growing Up Brady. Remember last week I talked about how I'm going to see Estrofest, our local hilarious female comedy troupe tonight (a real girls' night out with my friends!) perform with Barry Williams, who played Greg Brady on The Brady Bunch? Well, turns out Barry is doing a solo performance called Growing Up Brady on Saturday afternoon at 2, and YOU can win a pair of tickets. (Estrofest gave us FOUR pairs. Did I smile a lot at Dresden Engle? Maybe.) In addition to Growing Up Brady tickets (drawing is tomorrow), our giveaway page will let you enter to win tickets and other stuff from: Rhythm Connect; Stokoe Farms, Burning Bush Gardens, Annie the Musical in March, and, of course, Sesame Street Live tickets.

9) It's the height of the season for parents to be investigating preschools and private schools to see if they are right for their kids this coming September. One of the easiest ways to do that is by attending Open Houses. There are dozens of them coming up; check out our special sub-list on our calendar. Another way is to go to each of these pages and see what is already listed in your area:
Private Schools

10) If you're a member of a preschool, private school, co-op, etc. that is having an open house that is not yet on our calendar, make sure you post it promptly, or get the administrators to do so. Having an organization listing and posting to our calendar is COMPLETELY FREE... click here for details about how to list any local family-friendly organization on KOAA.

11) I typically announce the giveaways on our Facebook page as soon as they're posted, so I encourage you to check there regularly. Did you know that 88% of our readers use Facebook? Please do "Like" us by clicking the Like button here.

12) If your business would like to offer a giveaway, email me the details and, if it's appropriate, we'll get it on the page right away. And of course, click here to get to our main giveaway page to get details on how to enter these drawings!

13)  What can you do for ABSOLUTELY NO COST?There are currently 265 FREE upcoming events on our calendar, and that doesn't include things like sledding, skating, or hiking. Who wins when organizations around here offer things to do for free? We ALL do!


14) The Bravo Family, the Wall Family, the Woods Family, the Smart Family, and the Walker Family are our fictional families that take their kids to activities based on their particular interests. Here is what they are up to this weekend:

The Walker family focuses on health and physical fitness. Here are their plans this weekend.
Friday: February Break Cooking Camp: Jammin in Jamaica
Saturday: Rochester RazorSharks basketball game, 1pm. The Walker family printed their free ticket vouchers, of course.
Sunday: Rochester Lancers Indoor Pro Soccer Game, 1pm.

The Bravo Family loves the arts.
Friday: Winter Break Special: Kids FREE at the Memorial Art Gallery
Saturday: RIT Orchestra FREE concert at Hochstein featuring baritone Derrick Smith
Sunday: Beebop to Bach concert at Harley: Mike Kaupa Jazz Combo

This is the Woods Family. They love nature and the great outdoors.
Friday: Extreme Mammals exhibit at the RMSC
Saturday: Star Show at Strasenburgh Planetarium
Sunday: Cabin Fever Reliever hike: Tea Party with the Birds

The Smart family focuses on educational and cultural activities. They also shop smart!
Friday: Read-A-Thon for Greater Rochester Teen Book Festival
SaturdayNumbers League Superheroes Display at National Museum of Play
Sunday: Winter Break specials at Adventure Landing

The Wall Family prefers indoor activities. Here is their weekend itinerary:
Friday: Tea Party with Grandma or Grandpa at Irondequoit Library
Saturday: Parents' Night Out at RockVentures (Get it? The WALL family climbs the rock wall!)
Sunday: Cooking with American Girls: Samantha

15) Want to see what is happening day by day in the greater Rochester area? There are LOTS MORE ACTIVITIES than just what are listed for our families. Here are some links to make it easy.

Friday, February 24
Saturday, February 25
Sunday, February 26

Debra Ross