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Rochester Family Newsletter April 5, 2012

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Spring break camp lists - Still time to sign up!
Easter Egg Hunts and Events
Natural egg dyes for Easter Eggs
25+ upcoming festivals from April-June
Print free tickets to the RazorSharks playoff game
Summer Camp lists
Giveaways page: Batting cage tokens at Wickham Farms, a Free Photo Session and 11 x 14 print from Julie Marie Storytelling Photography, tickets to see the RPO play The Sneetches

330 upcoming FREE events

Dear KidsOutAndAbout readers:

When people ask me what does and what makes it different from other online community calendars, I sometimes hesitate before responding. Of COURSE we're a community calendar. And as you know if you're a long-time reader, we're a lot more than that: We've got reviews, articles, tons of lists of resources, hundreds of summer camps, giveaways, and this scintillating weekly newsletter. What's more, we're real people--just a few of us--whose goal is to bring you information that hasn't been so sanitized by some corporation's legal department that it loses all value.

But what I really WANT to say when people ask what we do that's special is say this: "We're the karma."

What I mean is that I want to help generate positive consequences for those who create value for families. My goal in life is to create a lot more value for the world than I take from it, and even though I'm not the one creating all of these wonderful opportunities for your families, I still get a glow when I connect you to them. This may sound hokey, but I love celebrating.I want the world to contain more of the kinds of opportunities that our local cultural, recreational, and educational institutions provide. I imagine a generation of kids growing up having had wonderfully enriching experiences that their parents find out about on KidsOutAndAbout. So when I find out about something awesome, I spread the word. I'm the karma.

Of course, one doesn't need an audience of 12,000 newsletter readers to Be the Karma. You can do it too! When you find out about great stuff happening in your community, tell people. (Tell ME, for one!) Value what is valuable. Reward those who create. Imagine what happens if we're ALL the karma.

2) Are you going to visit the Orlando theme parks for Spring Break? Do we have an article for you! Well, in fact, we have a whole series of them: KidsOutAndAbout's Guide to Everything Orlando. These articles tell you just what to expect when visiting the parks, so they're equally good to use right before you go as well as when you're trying to plan a trip. The article that is the most popular these days is one I wrote last year after some misadventures in Florida: Great Mistakes: What NOT to do when bringing kids to an Orlando theme park. But we have guides to the rides and restaurants at the various parks, too.

3) I was in a coffee shop in Westport, CT earlier this week when serendipity handed me some next-door-table neighbors who are doulas and other childbirth/postpartum providers. I couldn't help overhearing their conversation about using social media to spread information that can help women make the best childbirth decisions for themselves. Of course, I got into conversation with them (after apologizing first for eavesdropping). Cynthia Overgard, who is an expert in hypnobirthing, was talking about an article she had just published, "Six Reasons to Break Up With Your Prenatal Caregiver." While not every aspect of the article resonates with me, I do appreciate Overgard's practical recommendations for adopting the attitude of an educated consumer, and I think her suggestions apply to interactions with all kinds of medical caregivers. So it's definitely worth a read.

Easter and Spring Break

4) Easter egg hunts and other Easter events in our area: Our Easter page is the hottest page of any on our site right now. I have this cool program called Chartbeat that lets me see, real-time, how many people are looking at KidsOutAndAbout and how many are on what pages, and nowadays I always see folks perusing the Easter section. Well, this weekend and next Saturday are the peak weekends for Easter Events. Here are just a couple; there are a bunch, even on Sunday! But these three are on Saturday:
Easter Egg Hunt at Clubhouse Fun Center
Bunny Hunt at Wickham Farms (with real bunnies!)
Easter Egg Hunts at Adventure Landing

5) Looking to have an impromptu EASIEST party you'll ever throw? You can still do it, and Saturday the weather will be great for an Easter Egg Hunt! Egg Hunts are the easiest, cheapest, most-fun-for-the-buck party you can attend or throw. Here is an article on how to host an Egg Hunt party, step by step.

Immediately following Easter is Spring Break. And there's a lot going on!

6) First, we want to let you know that we'll be sending out a special Spring Break newsletter on Monday morning.

7) Next, Spring Break Camps. There are a couple dozen to choose from that have been posted to our camp calendar. Click here for the list.

8) Have your kids tried the Micro Programs at Total Sports Experience? They encourage kids to take a one-time trial class, which will be offered this coming week during Spring Break. Staff coaches will provide structure, organization, and supervision to each session. Classes focus on different fundamental skills which are incorporated into age appropriate games. The program is designed to create a fun, safe, and exciting atmosphere for each child! Boys and girls ages 2-9 are invited to take this trial class on April 9 and 11.

Sports this weekend

9) The Rochester RazorSharks have their first home playoff game against the Sauk Valley Predators, at 7pm at Blue Cross Arena on Saturday evening. (They play in Sterling, Illinois on Friday night for the frst in three series.) The best part is: You and your family can see all home RazorShark Playoff games for FREE! Here is the link for Saturday's game; make sure you print as many vouchers for as many tickets as you need.

10) The Rochester Red Wings open their season this Saturday against Buffalo, and games run each day through Wednesday's game against Pawtucket. Forecasts for Saturday and Sunday look perfect for spring baseball... upper 50s to mid-60s.


11) Current Giveaways: We have several giveaways currently on the site. Click here to see them and to enter to win! We have giveaways for batting cage tokens at Wickham Farms, a Free Photo Session and 11 x 14 print from Julie Marie Storytelling Photography, tickets to see the RPO play The Sneetches, a free sewing class from The Fashion Class

Congratulations to recent winners: Five people won tickets to next week's Horizon Fun FX Spring Break Recess: Stacy from Rochester, Mary  from Rochester, Kelly from Rochester, Courtney from Webster, and Amy from Rochester. Cheryl from Greece won tickets to Go, Dog. Go! from TYKEs Theatre, which opens next weekend.

Summer Camps

12) It's also time to think about SUMMER CAMPS! We have a MARVELOUS camp resource right here on! Check out our Week-by-Week Guide to Summer Camps 2012. Dozens and dozens of camps have already been entered. (Yay to the camp organizations that have been so efficient this year!) Each day on our Facebook page we have been posting a Summer Camp of the Day. Here are the five we are highlighting this week:

YMCA Eastside Preschool Camp
"Camp Dismissed" at Midtown Athletic Center
Summer Camps in Dance and the Arts from Perinton Dance Company
World Wonder Workshops from Trinity Montessori School
Farm Kids from Genesee Country Village

13) I typically announce the giveaways on our Facebook page as soon as they're posted, so I encourage you to check there regularly. 88% of our readers use Facebook...are you one of them? Please do "Like" us by clicking the Like button here.

14) If your business would like to offer a giveaway, email me the details and, if it's appropriate, we'll get it on the page right away. And of course, click here to get to our main giveaway page to get details on how to enter these drawings! That page had almost 30,000 views in the past year, so it's a great way to be visible to our community.

15)  What can you do for ABSOLUTELY NO COST?There are currently 330 FREE upcoming events on our calendar. Who wins when organizations around here offer things to do for free? We ALL do!


16) The Bravo Family, the Wall Family, the Woods Family, the Smart Family, and the Walker Family are our fictional families that take their kids to activities based on their particular interests. Here is what they are up to this weekend:

The Walker family focuses on health and physical fitness. Here are their plans this weekend.
Friday: After School Blast at Bowl-A-Roll
Saturday: Rochester RazorSharks basketball game at Blue Cross Arena
Sunday: Easter Sunday Red Wings baseball game at Frontier Field

The Bravo Family loves the arts.
Friday: Winnie-the-Pooh Movie at Henrietta Library
Saturday: Ballyhoo: The Art of Selling the Movies exhibit at George Eastman House
Sunday: Jersey Boys at the Auditorium Center (only with the teens, though)

This is the Woods Family. They love nature and the great outdoors.
Friday: Animal Tales Drop-In Story Time at Lollypop Farm
Saturday: Bunny Hunt at Wickham Farms
Sunday: April Break Week at RMSC: Our Extreme Planet

The Smart family focuses on educational and cultural activities. They also shop smart!
Friday: Pre-spring break Inventors Camp at Midtown Athletic Club
Saturday: School Break Week in Munchkinland at the National Museum of Play
Sunday: UNO Henrietta Easter Egg Hunt


The Wall Family prefers indoor activities. Here is their weekend itinerary:
Friday: Free Family Night at Southeast YMCA
Saturday: Kids Workshop at the Home Depot in Gates
Sunday: Easter Brunch at the Radisson Riverside Hotel

17) Want to see what is happening day by day in the greater Rochester area? There are LOTS MORE ACTIVITIES than just what are listed for our families. Here are some links to make it easy.

Friday, April 6
Saturday, April 7
Sunday, April 8

Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring!

Debra Ross