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Memorial Day Parades in the Rochester, NY area

2017 List of Memorial Day Parades in the Greater Rochester Area

Anyone can have a parade. Only Americans can have a parade to celebrate the greatest political achievements in history: establishing and repeatedly defending a country founded on the principle of individual liberty. Memorial Day, which was originally called Decoration Day because it was a day on which the graves of fallen soldiers were decorated, was established in the years after the Civil War to honor those who died in that war. Today, it is a day of remembrance of all who have died in this country's service.

Click here for a brief history of Memorial Day in the U.S., courtesy of the Waterloo, NY web site. Below the following list of dates and times for this year, we have compiled some other good links for those of you ambitious enough to explore further the meaning of Memorial Day. Their Festival in 2016 is May 27-30, 2016, with a parade on May 30.

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

    • Town of Henrietta Memorial Day Parade starts at 1:00pm. The parade will follow a two-mile route from Lehigh Station Road to East Henrietta Road to Calkins and ending at the Town Park. A brief ceremony in the park will honor those who gave their lives for our country will immediately follow the parade.

Saturday, May 27th, 2017

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

    • Irondequoit, 3pm. Town Parade along Titus Avenue from Irondequoit High School to Town Hall. Sponsored by American Legion Post #134. For Parade inquiries please contact Carol Payment at 336-6070
    • Newark, at 2pm. Memorial Day Ceremony, Central Park, South Main Street. UNVERIFIED 2017

Monday, May 29th, 2017

    • Auburn, 11:00am, along Genesee Street 

    • Avon, 10:00am (starts at the high school) - unverified for 2017If you can verify this information, please email us

    • Batavia, 10:00am 

    • Caledonia, 10am (advice: get there by 9:30) unverified 2017

    • Canandaigua, 10am starts at the American Legion

    • Chili, 8:30am, the parade route starts at Grinnell Drive down Chili Avenue to the Senior Center.

    • East Bloomfield, 11am unverified for 2017 

    • Fairport, 10am Starting Point: Fairport Baptist Home,  Ending Point: Potter Park

    • Gates, 9am, Memorial Day Service at the Community Center

    • Greece, 12pm Ceremony will begin following Parade, location Greece Town Hall

    • Hilton, 10am unverified 2017

    • Honeoye Falls, 11:30 starts at the high school and ends at the cemetary with a ceremony

    • Lima, 9:30am starts at Lima Baptist Church and ends at the town hall with a ceremony unverified 2017

    • Livonia, 10am starting at Intermediate School, north on Commercial Street, east on Main Street to Livonia Public Library. Ceremony at Library follows immediately after parade.

    • Lakeville 11:30 am, starting at the United Church of Christ, east on 20A to Lakeville Fire Hall. Reception at Fire Hall after parade

    • Macedon, 11am unverified 2017

    • Marion, 11am Main Street Marion to Cemetery, Ceremony at War Memorial @ 11:30 am

    • Medina, 11am unverified for 2017

    • Mendon, 9:30am starts at Westminster Hall and ends at the cemetary with a ceremony unverified 2017

    • Palmyra, 9am

    • Penfield Memorial Day Ceremony Day of Remembrance, 10:30am - Amphitheater, 3100 Atlantic Avenue, Penfield (behind Town Hall). Bring a chair.

    • Pittsford, 10am, begins on Sutherland Street. 

    • Riga, 10:30am, ceremony at elementary school steps, then parade up to the cemetery unverified 2017

    • Rochester, 10:30am Parade forms at Alexander and East Avenue, proceeds along East Avenue to Main Street, then west on Main Street to North Plymouth Avenue

    • Rush, 9:00am

    • Scottsville/Wheatland, 9:30am (Beckwith Ave to Main Street) unverified 2017

    • Spencerport/Ogden, 9am unverified 2017

    • Victor, 10:00am (school to Village Hall)

    • Webster, 9:30am (South Ave to Main Street, to Webster Cemetery, 9:50 ceremony at the cemetery) unverified 2017

    • Waterloo Memorial Day Festival

    • Red, White and Blue Balloon Rally at Letchworth Park, May 26-29, 2017. Massed hot-air balloon flights. Presented by Balloons Over Letchworth. Six scheduled flights of 30 balloons. 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.  Archery Field, near Castile Entrance, Letchworth State Park, Castile. Free with park's $8 per-car entry fee. (585) 493-3600.

If you can verify this information or know of other Memorial Day Celebrations in the Rochester area, please email us and we will add them to this list.

More links

Joshua Chamberlain Check out some of the stories and thoughts of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, who is credited with holding the Union position at Little Round Top at Gettysburg, and was an eloquent professor of rhetoric from Maine besides.


The 54th Regiment Or read about Robert G. Shaw, who was the 26-year-old commander of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, the first black regiment of the Civil War. Matthew Broderick starred as Colonel Shaw in the 1989 film about the regiment, Glory, which also featured Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman.


Nathan Hale being executed You could also discuss with them the patriot Nathan Hale, who was the first American captured and executed for spying on the British during the Revolutionary war. He is the originator of the often-repeated "I only regret I have but one life to lose for my country."


Raising the flag at Iwo Jima For a bit more recent history, you might show your children the famous picture of Strank, Block, Sousley, and their comrades taken just before these three died on Iwo Jima, and talk about what it means.


Or, you might stick with the incomparable words of Lincoln on the topic, so that your children understand that indeed, the heros we honor on Memorial day have done much more than their share, and that it is "for us the living, be the great work which they who fought ...have thus far so nobly advanced."