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Local Advertising on


1. The easiest way to advertise on is through a free organization listing.

Free listings can be simple organization listings in which you simply list your organization on our site and it appears on the resource lists for whichever categories you indicated.

Organizations can also list events, classes, and camps that are open to the public. It is completely free to post any activity to our three calendars. Every time you do so, it serves as an ad to the thousands of KidsOutAndAbout readers who access our site each week looking for what to do with their kids.

Click here for instructions on how to list your organization and activities on If you need assistance, contact KidsOutAndAbout's Vice President of Operations, June Santini, at




Of course, there are other ways to be even more visible to KidsOutAndAbout readers through various low-cost methods.

1. Upgrade your listing

Organizations who offer resources or events can upgrade their free listing to an enhanced listing. By upgrading your free listing to a paid listing, you will:

    • Appear at the top of any listing in which you appear within KOA*
    • Enhance your organization and event listings with logo, photos, detailed descriptions, font formatting, and more -- and manage it all at the click of a mouse
    • We become your marketing consultants, mentioning you whenever we get a chance via social media, radio/tv, etc.
    • Add social networking: Direct links to your Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds
    • Offer coupons to readers
    • Receive reports about hits to your page and events
    • Easily charge the small monthly fee to your credit card, or pay in advance for a discount...All this for only $95/month!

2. Leaderboard space

Leaderboards are offered on a monthly basis; appear at the top of every single page of, and is 440 x 60 pixels. The monthly charge for the leaderboard varies by KidsOutAndAbout region; please contact KidsOutAndAbout's publisher, Debra Ross, at to find out the current rates.


3. Right-hand-side ad boxes

Advertising on the right-hand side is on a percentage basis. You supply an ad sized 223 pixels x 223 pixels. You can purchase up to 25% of the available impressions for your ad. Pricing for all of these options is below.

General Advertising Rates

Upgrade to a paid listing $95/month
Advertising on the right-hand side. Purchase a percentage of impressions on our pageviews. Pricing is between $15 and $30 per thousand impressions, depending on volume purchased.
Giveaways Giveaways are free to list for upgraded organizations. Otherwise, they are $40/giveaway.
Appearing on one of our "highlights" pages that frames listings $350/year (or $300 year for camp subject pages). Billed at the start of that highlights season. Email for more details.
Paragraph in your words in our weekly e-newsletter. $100
Save the Date link in weekly e-newsletter $30

Refund Policy

For coupons, giveaways, and newsletter listings, there is no refund as long as the item was executed properly.

For banner (right-hand-side) ads, if at any time in the course of the ad's agreed-upon life the advertiser decides we should remove the ad, we will do so in a reasonable amount of time (1 business day) and provide pro-rated credit for the remainder of the ad's life, minus a $50 processing fee.

For upgraded paid listings, there is no refund for those paying month-by-month. For those who have paid for longer periods, upon being informed of the request to "downsize" to a free listing, we will do so in a reasonable amount of time (1 business day) and provide pro-rated credit for the remainder of the time paid, minus a $50 processing fee.

For upgraded listings who may have received any free time as a result of pre-payment, that free time will be deducted from the time remaining on the listing.

Contact information

If you are not already in contact with your regional sales manager, please email publisher Debra Ross at to get his or her contact information.

If you are interested in national sales, or sales to more than one local region, please contact our national sales manager, Michael Hardy, at

National Sales and Pricing

For information about sponsorship and advertising on a national level, please download the two PDF attachments below.

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