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Rochester Family Newsletter August 7, 2014

Upcoming FREE events: 736 of them!

Summer Camp Calendar 2014
Berries are ripe! Where and when to pick
Beaches and other water fun
Spraygrounds and splash pads

Save the date for:

August 9: Dinosaur Train Dinolympics - FREE at WXXI Studios
August 9: One Republic at Darien Lake
August 16-17: Fiddlers' Fair at Genesee Country Village
August 20-22: Almost-free 3-day camp for 3rd and 4th graders at Clarkson Historical Society
August 27: The Fresh Beat Band at Darien Lake
September 6-7: Clothesline Festival at Memorial Art Gallery
September 13: Greentopia festival (KOAA is media sponsor)
September 18-28: Fringe Festival (KOAA is media sponsor)
September 27: Barktober Fest at Lollypop Farm (KOAA is media sponsor of their Puppy Playhouse kids zone)

Dear KidsOutAndAbout readers:

I don’t like to work out. Now, people say that when you exercise, your brain releases endorphins--little chemicals that give you a glowing sense of well-being. Not me. When I exercise, all my brain does is whine at my gluteals to stop so that it can get back to important cerebral stuff, to work that matters. My glutes snap back that if my brain were so smart, it would have figured out how to prevent the fingertips from grabbing the last five chocolate chip cookies, and they resume squatting. My brain, in retaliation, holds those endorphins hostage.

Last week, I was a guest on an hour-long broadcast about kids and obesity on Evan Dawson's show Connections on WXXI's news radio station, 1370 AM. (Click here if you'd like to hear it.) My job was to talk about what parents can do to encourage kids to be active. I know, right? Me, the girl who hates to exercise. Fortunately, that same brain that refuses to release the fun chemicals was kind enough to devise a strategy long ago to get my kids to be active with me: Fake it till you make it. That is, I pretend that I actually want to do it: Several times each week, I haul my butt off the chair I'm in, put a smile on my face, and get my kids out of the house for some physical activity. Do I ever want to do this in the moment? No. (I envy you people who do.) But I do it anyway. And the smile is crucial to our success.

Interestingly, I got a little grief from a few listeners for my position. "But that's dishonest!" "With my kids, I want to be real, not fake." "You’re telling us we should LIE to our kids!"

But we parents do this all the time, don't we? We put on a positive attitude even when we're feeling negative inside. We might hate it from the bottom of our soul when our child gets a flu shot, goes to middle school, or has her heart broken by her first love. And yet, we shove away our own anxiety when they need to see our strength. It's our job.

So mustering up enthusiasm for exercise is not a lie. Sure, I feel lazy or in the moment (like, every singlemoment), but overall, in life, I want to have been someone who has done the right thing for her kids. And I really want to be active and healthy and vigorous when I'm in my 80s. So here's the key to making it true: I zoom ahead 40 years and pretend I'm looking back. When Madison and Ella see me smiling, they don't know they're looking at 85-year-old Deb, who is happy to have done the right thing, rather than at their present-day lazy-in-the-moment mom. So that day, the brain wins. And I guess so does the body.

--Debra Ross, Publisher

2) Happy KOAA News:

KidsOutAndAbout is thrilled to announce a new addition to the KidsOutAndAbout family: Last night, June Santini, our VP of Operations, welcomed her second grandchild into the world: Jack Thomas Kinsella emerged 8 lbs, 3 oz, and we think he's going to be a blonde. He joins his 2-and-a-half-year-old sister Lily (whose red-headed cuteness often graces this newsletter) and mom and dad Meagan and Brian. Mommy and baby are both doing great. 

We're so glad you're here, Jack! Oh, the places you'll go! Just know that Grandma will be taking lots of photos of you all over Rochester so Auntie Deb can have new ones for her newsletter!

3) As it happens, June just came out with a brand-new back-to-school recipe article called Dinner on the Run: Quick, healthful dinners when you have no time. At first, this was just a normal recipe article with June's usual helpful suggestions. But yesterday, June was a little distracted (see Happy KOAA News above), and when I edited the article I noticed that she made fun of my favorite cooking appliance. As if somehow the Eagle Eyes publisher with her evil Editor's Red Pen wouldn't notice. The result is... well, shall we say, I don't think you've ever read a recipe article with the writer and the publisher trading snarky insults within the text. Trust me, Jack agrees with me. Though his Grandma slyly snuck in the last word. Click here to see which of us is right.

4) With only 13 home dates remaining in the 2014 regular season, the Red Wings return to Frontier Field in the thick of a playoff race for a nine-game, eight-day homestand. Monday (8/11) is Hunger Games Theme Night at Frontier Field with archery lessons taking place at the ballpark. Post-game fireworks light up the sky following games on Friday (8/15), Saturday (8/16) AND Monday night (8/18). On Sunday, 8/17, back by popular demand, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa make a return visit to Frontier Field: The duo will be signing autographs and posing for pictures with young fans from 5:30-6:30 p.m. All kids can run the bases with Spikes and Mittsy following Sunday’s game (8/17) as well. The homestand wraps up Monday 8/18 with a Kids Eat Free Night as well as post-game fireworks.

5) PERFECT FOR BACK-TO-SCHOOL CONFIDENCE! Bullying Prevention class at Get-It-Straight Orthodontics in Bushnell's Basin
Tomorrow (Friday, August 8th from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM), Get-It-Straight Orthodontics will be offering a free Character Building & Anti Bullying class taught by Master Sung Kim of Master Kim’s Taekwondo Studio. This program is being offered free of charge, specifically targeted for children between the ages of 7-12, and will be held at the Get-It-Straight Orthodontics office, 750 Pittsford-Victor Rd. The class will provide prevention skills as well as strategies for dealing with bullies. Kids will gain confidence both verbally and physically as they learn some powerful mental skills and how to react in different bullying situations. Space is limited. To register (TODAY!), email your child's name and age to[email protected]. Parents can join their kids for a slice of pizza following the program.

6) KidsOutAndAbout is excited about next month's Rochester Fringe Festival: There family-friendly performances than ever before. For the next 8 weeks, we'll be highlighting some of them here. 

Amazing Magic Joe at Geva Theatre Center's Nextstage:
Sat., Sept. 20 1:00pm, Sun., Sept. 21 3:30pm • 60 mins • All Ages • $12, Children 12 & Under $6:
Get ready for a non-stop, comedy-magic show that’s fun for the whole family. Magic Joehas performed in Egypt, Paris, and Lon­don, and here he is in your own backyard! Click here for tickets.

7) Wishing you had joined a CSA earlier in the season so your family could experience local, farm-fresh veggies? This season has had such great growing conditions that the Lehigh Valley Outpost has an overabundance of food and therefore room for more shares, so you can join NOW!  During August, September, and October, a half share is only $200, and a full share is $400. Even the half shares are large enough that you may want to share with a neighbor!  Pickup is at the farm on Route 251 in Rush on Thursday afternoons or Saturday mornings. Click here for details and information.

8) Has your child ever been burned by the summer sun through his or her clothing? I'm not sure that mine have, but the kids of our Westchester editor, Anne Siller, are all pale-skinned redheads. An oncology nurse herself, Anne is extremely conscious of the risk of melanoma, so she uses UV-protective clothing, and urges other parents to consider whether UV-protective clothing is the answer to a long soccer practice or a day at the beach. Check out Anne's reviewof one of those lines of clothing, Little Leaves Sun Protective Clothing.

Last year, Anne reviewed Insect Shield clothing: Clothing woven with fabric derived from a South American plant that really does repel insects like mosquitoes and ticks. We love our Insect Shield bandanas, but they also make socks, t-shirts, and hats. It lasts for 70 washes and doesn't smell like anything is sprayed on it... because nothing is! Click here for Anne's review.

9) Rosin up your bow and mark your calendar August 16 & 17 for The Genesee Country Village & Museum’s annual Old-Time Fiddlers’ Fair! Next weekend, head out to the GCVM to see four stages of non-stop entertainment. Enjoy music continuously throughout the day with performances from more than 100 musicians, drawn from around the state and ranging from polished professional to the youngest beginner. Exciting musical venues include Fox Den, Mitzie Collins and the Striking Strong, The Fiddlers of the Geneseeand more!  Musicians are permitted and encouraged to strike up a tune anywhere they please throughout the historic village and Great Meadow areas and on Saturday, there will even be FREE workshops open to all musicians! For more information please click here.

10) Gearing up for this coming school year: The Rochester-area YMCA has some great after-school programs:
  • Over 50 locations on the eastside, westside, and in the city, serving ages 5-12
  • Busing and financial aid are available. Many programs take place in schools, providing easy accessibility for parent pickup and school day transitions.
  • Commitment to healthy behaviors and activities
  • Aligns with school day and supports growth in literacy, math, and science
  • 9 core components curriculum which touches upon global learning, leadership development, 21st century skills, media, and technology

They are currently running a “Sign up and Save!” deal for those not currently Y members: Sign up for a new Y membership and save up to $1,200 on the after-school program! Note: Membership is not required to attend the program. Click here for after-school program details.

11) SAVE US! 
Did you know we post lots of interesting events, articles, and ideas to Facebook that might not make it to this newsletter? 95% of our readers are on Facebook, but only about 10% actually see our posts in their feed. Here’s a way to get you that info beyond just “Liking” our Facebook page: Now you can SAVE it! If you head to our Facebook page and hit the 3 little dots next to “Message,” it now gives you the option to SAVE us. This will put a link to KidsOutAndAbout on the left-hand side of your Facebook feed so you can look at it at any time. SO useful!

12) Do you love your local library? Want to help them get the word out about events and activities? KOAA loves a good library, too. Encourage your local librarian to sign on to our site and start posting their events to our calendar for free! Totally free! 100% free.  Really! (Instructions are here.)

And now here is a way to pay BACK those great librariansNominate your favorite librarian for the 2014 I Love My Librarian award, sponsored by the American Library Association, the New York Times, and @yourlibrary. It's an easy form, although to do it right you'll want to allocate about 10 minutes to describing why your librarian is so awesome (he or she deserves your time and energy on this, don't you think?). Nominations are being accepted through September 12. Wouldn't it be great if one of our librarians won this year? The nomination form is here.

13) Giveaways: We have some FANTASTIC giveaways this week! The hottest tickets in town are to the Fresh Beat Band concert on August 27... and you can win four tickets through KidsOutAndAbout! We also have tickets to Genesee Country Village's Old-Time Fiddlers' Fair, tickets to Arts at the Gardens at Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua, and tickets to The Strong National Museum of Play. We also have a special quickie drawing for four tickets to see Finding Nemo at the Dryden Theatre at George Eastman House for this Saturday. Head over to our giveaway page to enter

14)  There are still some summer camps available! Parents tend to search for camps in two ways: By date, or by subject. Either way, we've got you covered! Check out our Week by Week Guide to Summer Camps for our area. You'll see the information presented both by week AND by subject. Subjects include sports, music, dance, drama, history, science, technology, preschool, special needs, religious, and more. Hundreds of camps are posted!

15) THURSDAY HIGHLIGHTS (Lots more here):

Thursday, August 7: Ice Cream Social at Irondequoit Library (Pauline Evans Branch - West). Ice Cream Social for children who have completed the summer reading program.

Thursday, August 7: Yolickity For A Cause! Help 2 year old Jovani P receive the gift of life.. a new kidney! at The Children's Organ Transplant Association . Join us August 4th - August 11th anytime during normal business hours (11:30 AM - 10:00 pm) at Yolickity in Greece and mention code word "Jovani P" before cashing out! 20% of sales will help Jovani receive his gift of life.. a new kidney!

Thursday, August 7: Orienteering at Durand Eastman Park! at Rochester Orienteering Club (ROC). Orienteering is a sport that combines racing/walking with navigation! It's a timed race where participants use a map to navigate through the terrain & visit control points in order. It's up to you in what direction you'll take to get to each control!

Thursday, August 7: Hochstein at High Falls Concert Series Presents The Jane Mutiny at WXXI. The Jane Mutiny presents a daring arrangement of alternative blues.

Thursday, August 7: The Kingdom Next To Fid at MuCCC. The Kingdom Next to Fid spins a tale involving wonderful characters that mixes action, romance, & comedy. Sword fights, chases, war, loyalty, & devotion combine in a play enchanting adults while being suitable for children 10 and up.

16) FRIDAY HIGHLIGHTS (Lots more here)

Friday, August 8: The Little Mermaid JR at Rochester Association of Performing Arts (RAPA). Journey “under the sea” with Ariel and her aquatic friends in Disney’s THE LITTLE MERMAID JR!

Friday, August 8: Cirque en Vol at Seabreeze Amusement and Water Park. Don't miss the high flying acrobats - performing daily at Seabreeze.

Friday, August 8: End of Summer Reading Party at Gates Public Library. End your Summer Reading Program with a bang at this party full of food, games, giveaways and prizes! Registration is required. 

Friday, August 8: Percussion Camp: Got to Drum! Participants Demonstration at Eastman Community Music School. Come and listen to participants in Got to Drum!, a program for students in grades 6-9 which focuses on hand drumming on world percussion instruments and rhythms from many cultures.

Friday, August 8: National Silver Ball Tournament at Genesee Country Village & Museum. It’s the 12th Annual National Silver Ball Tournament Friday-Sunday, Aug. 8-10, played by 1866 rules—no gloves or protective equipment allowed.

 17) SATURDAY HIGHLIGHTS (Lots more here)

Saturday, August 9: AutismUp's KiteFlite Parade, Festival, and Expo at AutismUp. A fun, family-friendly environment for a cause!

Saturday, August 9: OneRepublic at Darien Lake!! at Darien Lake Theme Park Resort. Bring your kids to see OneRepublic at Darien Lake!! They're heading our way and your family will have a blast at this show!

Saturday, August 9: Star Wars Story Time & Jedi Academy at Barnes & Noble Booksellers/Pittsford. Get Pop-Cultured with Barnes & Noble: Star Wars

Saturday, August 9: Dinosaur Train "Dinolympics" at WXXI. In celebration of the Classic in Jurassic special, WXXI is hosting Dinolympics on Saturday, August 9 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at WXXI Studios (280 State Street).

Saturday, August 9: Chalkboard Concert at Little Theater Cafe at Ad Hoc. Local chamber ensemble Ad Hoc will present a concert at the Little Theater Cafe on Sat., August 9, from 1-3 pm. This "chalkboard" concert is an informal opportunity for musicians and audience members to experience chamber music in a casual setting.


18) SUNDAY HIGHLIGHTS (Lots more here)

Sunday, August 10: Sunday Trolley and Track Car Rides at N.Y. Museum of Transportation and Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum. Enjoy a 2-mile round trip electric trolley excursion that connects to opean-air track cars, linking NYMT both R&GV museums. Ticket includes admission to both museums. No reservations needed. Adults $10.00, Youth (3-17), Seniors (65+) $8.00.

Sunday, August 10: Brighton Recreation - A Horse's Friend Open Trail Ride at Brighton Recreation Department. Join A Horse’s Friend for a trail ride on the great trails at High View Farms!

Sunday, August 10: 40th Annual Rochester Flying Disc Open at Monroe County Sports Commission. The Greater Rochester Flying Disc Golf Club is putting on their 40th Annual Flying Disc Open! Come out and enjoy the fun!

Sunday, August 10: GGH Kids in the Garden at Grossmans Garden & Home. Join GGH Kids at Grossmans Garden & Home every Sunday at 11am for fun, free activities! Youngsters explore the joy of gardening with hands-on crafts, nature experiments and educational games. Let's kick off the weekends together!

Sunday, August 10: Perinton Center Stage at Center Park: RPO Marimba Band / Pan Loco at Perinton Recreation & Parks Department. RPO Marimba Band - Ragtime music from the early 20th century and many latin favorites Pan Loco - explores the unique musical qualities of the steel pan from Caribbean roots to pop, jazz, classical, and world musics.

19) The Bravo Family, the Wall Family, the Woods Family, the Smart Family, and the Walker Family are our fictional families that take their kids to activities based on their particular interests. Here is what they are up to this weekend.

The Walker family focuses on health and physical fitness.
Friday: You Pick Blueberries at G and S Orchards
Saturday: Public Skating at Bill Gray's Regional Iceplex
Sunday: Cirque en Vol at Seabreeze Amusement and Water Park



The Bravo Family loves the arts.
Friday: Rhythm Connect--Drum with Me! Parent Child Class at Rhythm Connect
Saturday: The Little Mermaid JR at Rochester Association of Performing Arts (RAPA)
Sunday: The Kingdom Next To Fid at MuCCC



This is the Woods Family. They love nature and the great outdoors.
Friday: Zoe's Birthday with Corn Maze Wine Walk  at Long Acre Farms
Saturday: 40th Annual Rochester Flying Disc Open in Ellison Park
Sunday: Sunday Trolley and Track Car Rides at N.Y. Museum of Transportation and Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum



The Smart family focuses on educational and cultural activities.
Friday: Open Gym Time at TSE 10am-1pm at Unity Health System Total Sports Experience
Saturday: KIDS EAT FREE EVERY DAY DURING AUGUST AT UNO at UNO Chicago Grill - Victor (and Henrietta and Webster)
Sunday: Tour the Historic Clarkson Academy at Clarkson Historical Society



The Wall Family prefers indoor activities.
Friday: American Red Cross Babysitter's Training  at Fairport Public Library
Saturday: Dinosaur Train "Dinolympics" at WXXI
Sunday: Yolickity For A Cause! Help 2 year old Jovani P receive the gift of life.. a new kidney! 

20) And here's your weekend , presented day-by-day for your convenience...

Friday, August  8 
Saturday, August 9
Sunday, August 10

Debra Ross

Congratulations to all Rochester-area organizations who made the list of 2014's Top 20 Places to Take Rochester Kids

2014's Top 20:
1. Strong National Museum of Play
2. Seneca Park Zoo
3. TYKEs Theatre
4. Rochester Museum & Science Center
5. Seabreeze
6. My local library
7. Lollypop Farm
8. Stokoe Farms
9. Genesee Country Village & Museum
10. Bounce-It-Out
11. Jungle Jolt
12. Rochester Children's Theatre
13. Jump Club
14. YMCA
15. Darien Lake Amusement Park
16. Wild Wings Nature Center at Mendon Ponds
17. Jewish Community Center
18. Brown's Berry Patch
19. Wickham Farms
20. Clubhouse Fun Center

Click here to find out who won in each category!

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