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Cobblestone School

Cobblestone School
10 Prince Street
Rochester, NY, 14607
United States
Phone: 585-271-4548
Fax: 585-271-3501
Rose Martin
Cobblestone is unlike any other school in Rochester. We don't tell children what they should learn -- we ask them what they want to learn. Our curriculum is dynamic, truly interdisciplinary, and rich both in creative expression and academic rigor.

Cobblestone School is unlike any other school in Rochester. (And has been for 30 years!) It is independent, progressive education at its best. We believe in education that is individual, not standardized. We don't tell children what they should learn -- we ask them to help us understand what they want to learn. Our teachers use those answers to shape a curriculum that is dynamic, truly interdisciplinary, and rich both in creative expression and academic rigor.

In the words of Rose Martin, Cobblestone's director:

"Simple as it seems, the fact that we elicit questions from students and incorporate them into the curriculum, or that we allow students to choose their own topics for research, or for writing projects, is nothing less than revolutionary. In maintaining this approach we are definitely swimming against a strong current. It is diametrically opposed to the predominant model of imposed curriculum and is in direct contrast to most current teaching practices, benevolent though they may appear. At Cobblestone, students are given the gift of knowing that they are, intrinsically, learners. We believe that all children (adults, too, for that matter) have a natural impulse to try to understand the world in which they live, and that learning is not something that needs to be imposed. Our job is to provide the opportunities and skills, within the rich and stimulating school environment, for children to do what they were born to do: learn."

Cobblestone educates children ages 4 through 12 (full-day pre-K through 6th grade), in a supportive and nurturing environment that is responsive to children’s social, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and ethical development.

We are a community of students, parents, teachers and administrators. We purposefully limit our classroom sizes and overall enrollment in order to create an intimate and individualized learning environment. We are a nonsectarian school, diverse in ethnicity, religious affiliation and economics. We draw students from throughout Monroe County (and even beyond).

Cobblestone has dedicated Spanish, literacy and math teachers, as well as specialists in music, art and physical education. Our students go outside daily, in all weather. Community service, field trips and cultural outings are a critical component of our students' development.cobblestone.jpg

Rather than give grades, we use authentic assessment, a portfolio-based method that provides parents with more in-depth feedback about their child’s learning. This method also provides students with important opportunities for reflection and self-evaluation.

Our educational philosophy does not include standardized testing, but our curriculum standards (including our use of Singapore Math) meet or exceed those for New York State. And students approaching middle school are provided with opportunities to learn test-taking strategies for future educational experiences.

Cobblestone also offers on-site after-school care, vacation camp and summer camp.

We'll leave you with this quote from a parent whose daughter graduated from 6th grade at Cobblestone and is excelling in her new school:

"Liz is doing great. We are so pleased. She has an A+ average. She will be skipping 8th grade math next year, and will be taking algebra as well as advanced science. So if parents ask the question, 'how do you really know that the kids are well-prepared to enter 7th grade?' you can use Liz as an example."

(Please note that Cobblestone School has no affiliation with the Cobblestone Arts Center in Farmington, NY. Nor is Cobblestone School related to Cobbles Elementary, a public school in Penfield, NY.)

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